The vision and high-level overview of the NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Science (NCATS) project entitled "Translator" (through which we have been funded). The goal of the project is essentially to build a biomedical "Siri": an automated platform for answering biomedical research questions that leverages repositories of publicly available information.


Myriad biomedical data are available today and bring with them a need to ‘translate’ those data into meaningful information that can be used to accelerate clinical and translational science and drive innovations in clinical care and drug discovery. We describe the work of The Biomedical Data Translator Consortium to develop a platform that supports the translation of data into knowledge by applying inferential methods to a graphical representation of biomedical entities and their relationships.

The Biomedical Data Translator Consortium
Clinical and Translational Science
Friday, November 9, 2018
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