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    I'm a mathematical biologist who is interested in developing mathematically sound approaches to the analysis of high-throughput DNA sequencing data.

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    The BioRxiv is an alternative to the arXiv aimed at more "computational biology" oriented scientists.

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    This image is formed by using the most frequent words used when considering all of my publications.

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    Tuesday, May 1, 2012

    This is my PhD thesis from Penn State (advised by Manfred Denker).

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    Monday, February 21, 2011

    I define a new notion of "randomness" (called topological pressure) suitable for use on sequences of symbols (words) of finite length. I show that this can be used to distinguish between biologically interesting sequences in the human genome.

Improving Min Hash for Metagenomic Classification

A presentation about work with Hooman Zabeti that used probabilistic data analysis to analyze metagenomic communities.

MTH 321: Introductory applications of mathematical software

This is a course that I created back in 2014 (that continues to run, typically in the Fall and Spring) to introduce students to Mathematica, Matlab, and LaTeX. In the future, I will be incorporating modules on Python and/or Julia. This hands-on course has been attended by over 80 undergradutes, as well as a handfull of graduate students and faculty as well!

I wrote a (~200 page) textbook to accompany this course which can be found here.

MetaPalette Summary video

Very brief explanation of how MetaPalette works.