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    Sunday, January 1, 2017

    Rapidly answers “why are these data sets different” by leveraging hierarchical/relatedness information. In short, we develop an algorithm to quickly compute the Unifrac distance by leveraging the earth mover's distance, prove its correctness, and derive time and space complexity characterizations.

Improving Min Hash for Metagenomic Classification

A presentation about work with Hooman Zabeti that used probabilistic data analysis to analyze metagenomic communities.

MTH 321: Introductory applications of mathematical software

This is a course that I created back in 2014 (that continues to run, typically in the Fall and Spring) to introduce students to Mathematica, Matlab, and LaTeX. In the future, I will be incorporating modules on Python and/or Julia. This hands-on course has been attended by over 80 undergradutes, as well as a handfull of graduate students and faculty as well!

I wrote a (~200 page) textbook to accompany this course which can be found here.

MetaPalette Summary video

Very brief explanation of how MetaPalette works.