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Assistant Professor
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(541) 737-5172
(541) 737-5172
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M: 1-2pm T: 1-2pm R: noon-1pm

David is a mathematical biologist who is interested in developing mathematically sound approaches to the analysis of high-throughput DNA sequencing data. He often employs probabilistic and optimization techniques to facilitate the analysis of such data.

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Ph.D. Penn State University 2012 Mathematics
B.S. Washington State University 2006 Mathematics


On the mathematical side, my research interests include:

  • probabilistic data analysis
  • symbolic dynamical systems (viewing a sequence of symbols as a "set of directions" and analyzing where this takes you)
  • compressive sensing and other optimization techniques (finding the simplest explanation for given observations)
  • entropy techniques (quantifying the complexity of given data)

On the biological side, my application areas include the analysis of *-omics data, specializing in metagenomics (the study of microbial communities through their sequenced DNA).